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Beginning lyricending lyricSong Title (Year)
That woman I had wrapped around my finger...
He fills the jukebox, and plays the
If you'll buy that, I'll throw the
But if I know me, I'll turn this car around. I won't get halfway through town
My feet are planted firmly on the ground But darlin'
Well you can't help but wonder Why you can't help but love her
I'll sign it at the bottom of the page, I'll swear under oath 'Cause every single word is true,
Beginning lyricending lyricSong Title (Year)
Standin' in a little room back of the church with our tuxes on, Lookin' at him I say, I can't believe
I'm not the key that opens every door. I don't have the power to give you
If there's a plane or a bus leaving Dallas
He must have stolen some stars from the sky, And gave them to you
'Cause nobody in his right mind would've left her. I had to be
We tried to work it out a hundred times, ninety- nine it didn't work. I think it's best we put it all behind before

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