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QUIZ: Can you name the historical figures by how they died??

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DeathFigureDate/Place of Death
Burned at the stake.May 30, 1431: Rouen, France
Assassination by firearm.November 22, 1963: Dallas, USA
Assassination by firearm.April 4, 1968: Memphis, USA
Decapitated.67 CE: Rome, Italy
Fever. (Argued.)June 323 BCE: Babylon, Iraq
Suicide by gunshot.April 30, 1945: Berlin, Germany
Kidney failure caused by phenacetin.April 5, 1976: Houston, USA
Stroke.January 24, 1965: Hyde Park Gate, UK
DeathFigureDate/Place of Death
Execution by shooting.October 9, 1967: La Higuera, Bolivia
Stroke.December 10, 1896: Sanremo, Italy
Internal injury from falling off his horseAugust 18, 1227: Western Xia
Assassination by firearm.November 4, 1995: Tel Aviv, Israel
Execution by crucifixtion.71 BCE: Petelia
Stabbed to death by guards.January 24, 41 CE: Palatine Hill, Italy
Heart failure.November 18, 1962: Copenhagen, Denmark
Murdered by police lieutenant during a riot.December 15, 1890: Standing Rock Indian Reservation

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