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QUIZ: Can you name the answers to the Ultimate Savage Opress Quiz, or will you be a weakling and chicken out?

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Forced Order
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What graphic novel starred Savage and Maul
Who was the first named Republic-aligned character killed by Savage
What is the name of Savage's mother
What organization rescued Savage and Maul from space
What species is Savage
Where did Savage, Maul, and Vizsla encounter a group of bounty hunters
In what location did Savage become Maul's apprentice
In what episode did Savage make his debut
Who is Savage's younger brother
Which Padawan lost a hand to Savage
How many Jedi has Savage killed
Which crime lord did Savage help rob a bank
What was the title of the Free Comic Book Day issue starring Savage
Which character has fought Savage the most times
In what episode did Savage lose his first horn
On what planet did Savage lose his second horn
Who defeated Savage in a mock duel
What is the subtitle of the four-part comic series Savage starred in
In what episode did Savage lose an arm
What is the name of Darth Maul's organization joined by Savage
What were Savage's last three spoken words
Who voices Savage in TCW
Which Hutt was killed by Savage in Eminence
Who is Savage's final master
How many TCW episodes does Savage appear in, discounting flashbacks
Who is Savage's archrival
In what arena did Savage first battle Ventress
Who ensured Savage's loyalty would remain with him/her
Who was Savage's first master
Who was Savage's second Jedi victim
Near what building did Savage kill his first Jedi
What rare Force power did Savage exhibit at the end of Witches of the Mist
What are Savage's people called
What company placed a bounty on Savage's head
Where did Savage receive formal Dark Side training
Who was the second female Jedi killed by Savage
In what episode did Savage battle Embo
What is the first graphic novel that Savage starred in
Who aided Savage in finding his brother
What Dark Side power is Savage vulnerable to
In what episode did Savage die
Which character was killed by Savage on Toydaria
Which character kills Savage
On what planet did Savage and Maul battle Ja'Boag's forces
What location did Savage and Maul end up on after Revenge
In what episode did Savage commit no onscreen murders
Where did Savage battle Junkers
Where did Savage and Maul defeat Esano's forces
Which character was asked 'Are you conscious, little Jedi?' by Savage
Which artifact did Savage use to find his brother
Where did Savage first encounter Anakin and Obi-Wan
On what planet was Savage killed
What was Savage's first weapon
On what planet did Savage and Maul corner Jabba and Gorga
What pirate did Savage and Maul attempt to conscript
Who is the first character to be beheaded by Savage
What vehicle was used by Savage to save Maul
What character was tossed out of an airlock by Savage
Where did Savage perform a quintuple decapitation
Who did Savage and Maul recruit to serve as their head of state on Mandalore
Where did Savage and Maul first go to lure out Obi-Wan
Which Jedi Master did Savage nearly kill in The Sith Hunters
Which pirate captain did Savage seduce with credits
Which Jedi accompanied Obi-Wan to capture Savage on Toydaria
How many horns does Savage have
Whose diner did Savage ransack
On what planet did Savage discover his vital clue to finding Maul
Who did Maul impale with the Darksaber as Savage watched
Which Jedi Master commented on Savage's skills, calling him too 'wild'
What criminal syndicate did Savage singehandedly cripple
In what city did Savage meet his demise
What bounty hunter was nearly killed by Savage
Which Jedi tricked Savage into freezing himself in carbonite
Which named character was beheaded by Savage on Mustafar
In what episode did Savage rob a bank
On what planet did Savage destroy a battalion of clones
Which Roonan character was killed by Savage
What mechanical creature nearly killed Savage and Morley
In what episode did Savage visit the planet Stobar
What is Savage's homeworld

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