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Can you name the Panic! At The Disco song by its antonym?

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You Talk Praises Not Miracles
Destroy Satan After I Won't Talk
You Wanna Be Captive
I'm Not Very Hungry
That Puple Woman (Things Have Stayed The Same
Boy That I Hate
Life Of A Married Man
And It's Worse If I Don't
Southern Drought
In Front Of The Land
He's An Ugly Man
Far Away Fairies (We Never Met)
Bland Sour
Permanent Relationship
Not Too Old To Live
To A Hole On The Outskirts Of The Ruins
The Start Of Nothing
The Evil, The Excellent And The Clean
None Of The Girls
Can Make Peace With The Elderly
Let's Live Tomorrow
You Have Enemies In Sinful Areas
Bribe Them With A Bad Time
Silver Nights
Possible Second

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