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Forced Order
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what is said:
'In my opinion, children should be seen and not heard.'
'I just finished making a coconut cream cake!'
'If they knew all of the island's secrets there'd be a schism in no time at all.'
'Pinstripe suits! I knew you'd be excited!'
'Between Vice Principal Nero playing the violin, Carmelita Spats teasing us, and the dreadful Orphans Shack, Prufrock Prep is a pretty miserable place.'
'Here, Sunny,I'll help you get into your helmet. It's the least I can do after you cooked such a delicious meal.'
'(the Baudelaires) seem very well behaved, and I'm sure they would cause no trouble(in the library).'
'Before too long, a town sprung up, and so they named it V.F.D.'
'I was sad when he died. I felt like I had lost the two most special things in my life.'

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