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The First Splicer Jack Can Fight.
These Splicers Carry Only Pipes Or Wrenches! 
These Splicers Wield Guns And Are Very Common.
They Carry Pistols But Upgrade To a Cruder Version Of Jack's Machine Gun At Hephaestus. 
These Splicers Sometimes Drop Frag Grenades As Loot.
They Start To Carry Molotov Cocktails Instead of Frag Grenades At Hephaestus. 
These Splicers Can Crawl On Ceilings And Are Very Agile.
Did You Know The Hooks They Throw At You Are Heated Before They Throw Them? 
The Final And Hardest Type Of Splicer to Beat, They Show Up In Arcadia.
Once They See You And Attack, You Can't Escape Until They're Beaten. 
They Summon Security Bots If Your In Their Sight For To Long.
They Sometimes Drop Film When Destroyed. 
After You Trigger The Alarms These Swarm You.
These Are The First Thins In The Game You Can Hack. 
The Standard Type Of Turret, They Are The Most Common In The Game.
They Drop Machine Gun Rounds When Destroyed 99% Of The Time. 
The Most Devastating Type Of Turret In The Game, Also The Second Rarest.
60% Of The Time They Drop Heat-Seaking RPG's When Destroyed. 
The Rarest Type Of Turret In The Game, Found Only 3 Times.
This Turret Drops Napalm 70% Of The Time After Being Destroyed. 
The First Type Of Big Daddy In The Game.
These Big Daddies Have Drills On Their Right Arm. 
The Stronger Version Of The Bouncer.
These Big Daddies Also Have Drills On Their Right Arm But The Fist On Their Left Spins. 
The Second Big Daddy In The Game.
These Big Daddies Are Slightly Less Armored Than The Bouncer But Have Rivet Guns. 
The Stronger Version Of The Rosie.
A Slightly More Armored version Of The Rosie. 
This Enemy Is Protected By Big Daddies.
These Are The Only Enemies In The Game Who Don't Attack You. 

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