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A boy with strong resolve, his fiery passion is an extension of his arm, used to defend his beliefs.
Beneath his common appearance beats the heart of a true hero.
Designed solely for combat, this fighter was deemed too dangerous to brawl. He yearns to return for revenge.
A traveler from a world filled with death. She will stop at nothing to change her fate.
He possesses the strength of a fierce storm, hidden behind an innocent face.
Wielding the sword of his ancestors, the legacy continues.
With unyielding loyalty, his soldiers will protect him with their very lives.
A past shrouded in mystery. He fights against a future filled with darkness.
This faithful steed stands up straight to charge into the competition.
Adored by her people, what she lacks in strength she makes up for with her heart.
With divine power on his side, a warrior of light takes flight against evil.
The fires in his fists are surpassed only by the fire that comes from his heart.
A hot-headed predator of the skies, he lives for the hunt.
Unrivalled skills. A tragic past. A will of steel.
An invisible soldier. Fighting battles that others cannot.
The mighty ruler of the jungle, his strength and determination know no limits.
Once a peaceful resident, he now rises to the challenge.
Driven mad by his lust for power, he will stop at nothing to achieve his desires.
In it's hands, even it's own life force becomes a weapon.
A warrior as silent as steel, he wears a mask to hide his sorrow.
A beast of the flame, his restraints have at long last been undone.
A mysterious soul from the stars, she fights with her companion by her side.
Neither man nor beast; This legendary fighter has the spirit of a true hero burning within his metal shell
A fist filled with courage can topple even the tallest of mountains.
Once just a toy, now it has become a fighting machine.
Fueled by his father's death, he fights to end discrimination and bring peace amongst the land.
A spirit as free as the wind, no man nor machine can hope to restrain him.
Guided by his father's spirit, he aims for the stars.
United by an unbreakable bond, not even the fiercest blizzard can stop them when they work together.
A hero to some, a villain to many, he is driven solely by his own greed.

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