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In Iron Man 3, what name does James Rhodes take up?
What aliens act as Thanos' personal army
Who is Thor's father?
What does SHIELD stand for?
What was the name of the school that was raided in Lagos?
What does Tony Stark say his name is when he meets his dad in Endgame?
What is Sharon Carter's agent number?
Who plays Kraglin in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2?
Who does Frank Grillo play?
What is the name of Peter Quill's playlist?
Who is the only actor to have appeared on a Marvel TV show before in a Marvel movie?
What was Carol Danvers' Kree Star-Force name?
Where is Black Panther from?
What war did Captain America fight in?
Who plays the security guard at the storage unit in Endgame?
What does Nathaniel Barton ask for on his hot dog?
Who directs Thor: Ragnarok and plays Korg?
What kind of drink does Erik Selvig buy himself and Thor in Thor?
What Iron Man's mother's name?
The Eye of Agamotto contains which Infinity Stone?
How many initiation battles did T'Challa fight in to try to become king of Wakanda?
Who killed Meredith Quill?
What is Peggy Carter's real first name?
What Infinity Stone does Thor: The Dark World deal with?
What is the name of Thor's hammer?
Name a movie that Thanos appears in.
What is Scarlet Witch's real name?
What cartoon voice actor voices the rabbit doll that Scott Lang gives Cassie for her birthday?
What is Killmonger's Wakandan name?
What song does Baby Groot dance to at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy?
What country does Tony Stark enter a Grand Prix in?
What city do the Ant-Man films take place?
Who's house is used as the safe house in Age of Ultron?
What is Peter Parker's locker number?
What documents are created that regulate the freedoms of enhanced humans, sparking the Avengers 'Civil War.'
How many solo Iron Man movies are there?
Who takes the mantle of Captain America after Steve Rogers retires in Endgame?
What is Ned's last name in Spider-Man: Homecoming?
Name a movie that came out in 2017
What branch of the military did Carol Danvers work for?
Who played the Hulk before Mark Ruffalo?
What planet does the Contest of Champions take place on in Thor: Ragnarok
What model of Hyundai does Luis take from the Hot Wheels case in Ant-Man and the Wasp?
Who developed the Super Soldier Serum?
Where is Kamar-Taj located?
Who is Iron Man's father?
What is the first movie of Phase 2?
When did Captain Marvel come out?
What is the nickname of Iron Man's Mark 22 armor from Iron Man 3?
What toy is enlarged and breaks the Langs' house in Ant-Man
Where did Erik Selvig strip naked in Thor: The Dark World?
What code name does Samuel Sterns go by in the Incredible Hulk?
Name one character who has held either Mjolnr or Stormbreaker.
How many Infinity Stones are there?
Who is the main villain in Spider-Man: Homecoming?
What Disney character does Yondu compare himself to?
What is Captain America's shield made of?
What is Pepper Potts allergic to?
What is the name of Thor's axe?
Name any of the original Avengers.
Name a main character who dies in Avengers: Age of Ultron
What organization contained characters such as Red Skull and the Winter Soldier?
What MCU movie did Spider-Man first appear in?
What movie was Falcon's first appearance?
What name does Tony Stark first introduce Spider-Man as during the airport battle?
What is Valkyrie's scrapper number?
Who directed Doctor Strange?
What is the name of the crime boss that Clint Barton kills in Tokyo?
What is Tony Stark's Ice cream flavor called?
How many times did Hulk smash Loki against the ground in the Avengers?
What movie was Eitri's first appearance?
What food do the Avengers eat at the end of the first Avengers movie?
What is the name of the donut store in Iron Man 2?
Who plays Nick Fury?
Who is the main villain in Ant-Man?
What award does Obadiah Stand accept on behalf of Tony Stark?
Who originally played James Rhodes?
What is the Iron Man suit actually made from?
Name a character who is sacrificed for the Soul Stone
What is the name of Star-Lord's first ship?
What is the Wi-fi password in Kamar-Taj?
What planet did Rocket steal the eye that he gave to Thor from?
What car brand were all the notable vehicles in Captain America: The Winter Soldier?
What song is Star-Lord listening to in the opening scene of Guardians of the Galaxy?
What borough of New York is Steve Rogers from?
What realm do the Frost Giants live in?
What is the username of the Fortnite player that is trash talking Korg?
Georges Batroc was played by an athlete from what sport?
What Marvel Writer and Legend has made an appearance in every movie?
What day were Tony Stark's parents killed?
Where was Tony Stark on New Year's Eve in 1999?
How does Yondu control the Yaka Arrow?
Where did Scott Lang work before becoming Ant-Man?
What 2003 Marvel actor played the security guard in The Incredible Hulk?
What are Iron Man's last words?
What place do Hawkeye and Black Widow mention often over the course of the MCU?
What villanous character takes over the Ravagers in GOTG Vol. 2?
Which of the 9 realms is Earth part of?
Who is Peter Quill's alter ego?
At the party in Age of Ultron, which character came the closest to picking up Mjolnr?

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