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(American, 1908-1970) is principally known for two works, Motivation and Personality and Toward a Psychology of Being, that introduced his theory of the 'hierarchy of needs' (food,
(German-born American, 1902-1994) is best known for his theories on how social institutions reflect the universal features of psychosocial development; in particular, how different
(American, 1933-1984) Though he did the work that created the idea of 'six degrees of separation' and the 'lost-letter' technique, he is mainly remembered for his experiments on 'o
(Austrian, 1856-1939) founded the extremely influential discipline of psychoanalysis, which used the technique of 'free association' to identify fears and repressed memories. He ar
(American, 1878-1958) was the first prominent exponent of behaviorism; he codified its tenets in Behavior: An Introduction to Comparative Psychology, arguing that psychology could
(American, 1904-1990) was one of the leading proponents of behaviorism in works like Walden II and Beyond Freedom and Dignity. He argued that all human actions could be understood
(Austrian, 1870-1937) was another close associate of Freud who split with him over Freud's insistence that sexual issues were at the root of neuroses and most psychological problem
(Swiss, 1896-1980) is generally considered the greatest figure of 20th-century developmental psychology; he was the first to perform rigorous studies of the way in which children l
(Austrian, 1875-1961) was a close associate of Freud's who split with him over the degree to which neuroses had a sexual basis. He went on to create the movement of 'analytic psych
(Russian 1849-1936) was more of a physiologist than a psychologist, but questions about him are more often classified as 'psychology' than 'biology' by question writers. He is larg

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