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Can you name the first-time Monday Night Raw match winners from 2000-2007?

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First Year They Won A MatchWrestlerHint
1998Wrestled for the Light Heavyweight Championship at No Way Out of Texas: In Your House
1998PWI Wrestler of the Year in 1976
1998Elected to the UFC Hall of Fame in 2005
1998Storyline girlfriend of Bam Bam Bigelow
1998Only woman to win the Intercontinental Championship
1998Member of Kai En Tai
1998Appeared on ECW's first pay-per-view in 1997
1998Smackdown's #1 Announcer!
1998Wife of Brock Lesnar
1998Hello, Ladies
1998Became a quadriplegic after a botch in a match with D'Lo Brown
1998The Rated R Superstar
1998General Manager of NXT
1998Dr. Death
1998Former German pro bodybuilder
1998Leader of The Brood
1998At 7-2, one of the tallest wrestler ever in WWE
1998Elected to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2016
1998Lost to Mankind in the 1st round of the 1998 Deadly Games Tournament
1999Defeated Akeem at WrestleMania VI
1999Captain Charisma
1999Won five different championships in the WWE
1999Here comes the money
19994-Time ECW Tag Team Champion
19994-Time ECW Tag Team Champion
1999Once married to Stone Cold Steve Austin
1999Lost the WWF Women's Championship at WrestleMania X7
1999One-time on screen girlfriend of Kane
1999The World's Largest Athlete
1999First ever Intercontinental Champion
1999One of Vince McMahon's stooges during the Attitude Era
1999Long-time member of Howard Stern's 'Wack Pack'
1999Pinned Rodney to win the Hardcore Championship
1999Appeared on multiple episodes of 'The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness' in 2016
1999Attended junior high with Shane McMahon
1999Died in Stevie Richard's home in 2003
1999Lead singer of Fozzy
1999On-screen Principal Owner of the WWE
1999Son of a former WWE Champion
1999Put through a table by Bubba Ray Dudley at the age of 76
1999Held the Women's Title for over 10,000 days
1999Current head trainer at NXT
1999First ever Olympic Gold Medalist to wrestle for WWE
1999Flashed the crowd at Armageddon 1999
2000First man to win the Women's title
2000Won the World Championship at WrestleMania XX
20004-time WCW Cruiserweight Champ
2000Won titles in ECW, WCW, and WWE
2000Passed away in November, 2005
2000Ho Train
2000Female member of WWE Hall of Fame
20007-Time WWE Women's Champion
First Year They Won A MatchWrestlerHint
2000Left WWE in 2001 but returned in 2008
2000Had head shaved at WrestleMania
2001Former GM of SmackDown
2001Won the tag titles with Andre The Giant
2001Runner-up in 2015 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic
2001PWI Comeback of the Year Winner in 2009
2001Third Dudley Boy
2001Participant in innagural WWE Cruiserweight Classic
2001Five-Time, Five-Time...
2001Member of the FBI
2001That 70s Guy
2001If I can be serious for a minute
2001Appeared nude in Playboy
2001Stand back
2001Once dated George Clooney
2001Former wife of The Undertaker
2001Former head trainer at NXT
2001Suffered from bipolar disorder
2001Won the WCW Cruiserweight Tag Titles with Rey Mysterio
2002Beat Trish Stratus to win her first Women's Championship
2002Self hi-five
2002I am real American
2002Will Fight at UFC 200
2002Author of the book 'Head Games'
2002Played college basketball for Rutgers University
2002Won both the WWF and WCW hardcore titles
2002Only two-time WWE Hall of Famer
2002Owns the Squared Circle Restaurant in Chicago
2002Ring Announcer
2002Stylist of Billy and Chuck
2002Won a Money in the Bank Ladder match in 2013
2002Uncle of the Usos
2002Member of 3-Minute Warning
2002Starred in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'
2002Theme song is the University of Oklahoma fight song
2003Winner of the first season of Tough Enough
2003Had Teddy Long as a manager
2003Former President of WCW
2003Won World Tag and WWE tag team titles with different partners
20034-time World Tag Team Champion
2003Won his first 173 matches in WCW
2003Died of heart failure in 2010
2003Five-Time TNA Knockouts Champion
2003Has four children with Charlie Haas
2003Won the NWA Championship in 2013
2003Anchor on ESPN's 'Sportscenter'
2003Was almost a member of Evolution
2003Won the WWE Tag Team title with Road Warrior Animal
2003Jobber who beat The Dudley Boyz via DQ.
2003Jobber who beat The Dudley Boyz via DQ.
2004Manager of Jamie Noble
2004The Gold Standard
2004Real name Nick Dinsmore
2004Former TNA Tag Team Champion with AJ Styles
First Year They Won A MatchWrestlerHint
2004'It wasn't my fault!'
2004TNA ring announcer
2004Former Blue World Order member
2005Now serving as a high school principal
2005Master of the Master Lock
2005Appeared on the first season of Lucha Underground
2005Appeared in tag team turmoil match at Backlash 2005
2005Appeared in tag team turmoil match at Backlash 2005
200515-Time WWE World Heavyweight Champion
2005I spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool
2005Dwarf actor, wrestler, and politician
2005Tag team partner of Lance Cade
2005Former ECW Champion
2005Who's that jumping out the sky?
2005Was a contestant on Survivor: China
2005Former softcore porn actress
2005Married to Magnus
2005Manager of MNM
2005The First Lady of Professional Wrestling
2006Appeared in 2014 King of Trios Tournament
2006Appeared on the fourth season of Tough Enough
2006Left wrestling in 2008 to train as an accountant
20062-Time OVW World Champion
2006Cashed in Money in the Bank the night after WrestleMania 29
2006Former member of Team Angle
2006Play-by-play commentator for Lucha Underground
2006Has two children with Edge
2006Main evented Extreme Rules 2011
2006Lost Royal Rumble qualifying match to Mick Foley and Hornswoggle
2006Lost Royal Rumble qualifying match to Mick Foley and Hornswoggle
2006Member of The Mexicools
2006Starred in 'Hell Comes To Frogtown'
2006Beat The Ultimate Warrior to win the WWE Championship
2006Current TNA World Champion
2006Brooklyn, Brooklyn
2006Pop A 40 And Check Your Rollies
2006He's just a common man
2006J&J Security
2006Best in the World
2007Formerly married to Britney Spears
2007Former General Manager of WWECW
2007Won the World Heavyweight Championship in a Battle Royal
2007Lost his Money in the Bank Briefcase to Edge
2007Milan Miracle
2007Won both the Women's and Divas title twice
2007Former IWGP Intercontinental Champion
2007Hosted the annual Divas search in 2006
2007Longest reigning WWE tag team champion as of 6/16
2007Longest reigning WWE tag team champion as of 6/16
2007Had hideous birthmark on SmackDown
2007Kendo stick
2007Son of a WWE Hall of Famer
2007Nephew of The Hitman
2007Had her debut at age 19 on WWECW
2007Retired the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

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