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Can you name the first-time Monday Night Raw winners from 1993-1999?

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First Year They Won A MatchWresterHint
1993Main evented consecutive WrestleManias
1993Won Tag Team of the Year in 1990
1993Eighth WCW Triple Crown Champion
1993The Showstopper
1993Part of a father-son duo that both won the Intercontinental Championship
1993Former tag team partner of HBK
1993Oooh yeeeeah
1993The Ugandan Giant
1993Appeared in the 2016 Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
1993Died at Over The Edge 1999
1993Came to the ring with bird named Frankie
1993Character portrayed by several wrestlers
1993Unexpectedly appeared on the first episode of Nitro
1993The Bad Guy
1993Won WWF Tag Team titles with Greg Valentine
1993The Beast from the East
1993PWI Tag Team of the Year in 1994
1993PWI Tag Team of the Year in 1994
1993Third member of Demolition
1993The Best There Is, Best There Was, And Best There Ever Will Be
1993Million Dollar Man
1993Member of the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame Class
1993Member of the 2015 WWE Hall of Fame Class
1993Always remember to pay your taxes
1993Former member of The Right To Censor
1993Trying to make Darren Young Great Again
1993Won the World Tag Team Championship with Earthquake
1993Main evented the first episode of Raw
1993Long-time WWE commentator
1993Passed away from a heart attack at the age of 53
1993Wrestled The Undertaker at a WrestleMania
1993Was Triple H's bodyguard before Chyna
19932nd person to portray this clown character
1993Former member of Too Cool
1993Slammy Award Winner for Best Etiquette
1993He's an ass man
1993Winner of the brawl-for-all tournament
1993Member of both DX and The NWO
1993Billed from Three Mile Island
1993Manager of Mabel
19931995 King of the Ring Winner
19931994 Slammy Award Winner For Funniest Wrestler
1993Managed by Jim Cornette
1993Former head trainer at DSW and FCW
1993Canadian who won The Intercontinental Championship
1993Lost his last match at the Royal Rumble 1990 to The Bushwhackers
1993WWE Hardcore, and ECW World Champion
1993Committed suicide in Finland in 2010
1993Has a daughter currently in WWE
1993Third-longest reigning AWA World Champion
1993PWI Tag Team of the Year in 1986
First Year They Won A MatchWresterHint
1993PWI Tag Team of the Year in 1986
1993Appeared in the film 'Magic Mike'
1993Founder of Global Force Wrestling
1993Faced Kane and The Big Show at WrestleMania X7
1994Joined The Nation of Domination in 1997
1994Former Sumo wrestler
1994Had a WWE Championship match against Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble 2004
1994#30 entrant in the 1996 Royal Rumble
1994Won the WWF Tag Team titles at WrestleMania 1
1994Father of a future WWE Divas Champion
1994Member of the Disciples of Apocolypse
1994Won the 1997 European Championship tournament
1994Was defeated in the finals of a tournament to determine the WWF Women's Champion in 1994
1994Threw the Women's title in the trash on Nitro
1994Main evented WrestleMania II
1994Managed by Harvey Whippleman
1994Managed by Harvey Whippleman
1994Tagged with Haku in WCW
1995President of the Michinoku Pro Wrestling promotion
1995Hall of fame ring announcer
1995Appeared in 1996 as Goldust's bodyguard
1995Appeared on two episodes of 'Touched By An Angel'
1995WON Worst Feud Of the Year vs. Los Boricuas in 1997
1995WON Worst Feud of the Year vs. Los Boricuas in 1997
1995Won the WWE Women's Title at SummerSlam 1995
1995On-Screen COO of the WWE
1995Six-time world champion
1995Son of hall of famer Bill
1995Member of the 1992 Chicago Bears
1995Three-time ECW tag champion with three different partners
1995Had a character based on a Robert Di Niro movie
1995Oh, you didn't know?
1995The Demon
1995Member of The New Church in TNA
1995Portrayed a white rapper
1995Inaugural ECW World Champion
1995What does everybody want?
1995Has a father and brother that wrestled for WWE
1995First black Intercontinental champion
1995Former All Japan Women's Pro-Wrestling Champion
1995Japanese women's wrestler who appeared at Survivor Series 1995
1995The other 'Nature Boy'
1996And that's the bottom line
1996It's Time!
1996Member of the Ministry of Darkness
1996Trust me.
1996A wrestling god
1996Bang bang!
1996Formerly married to Sable
1996Main evented WrestleMania VI
1996Son of Blackjack Mulligan
First Year They Won A MatchWresterHint
1996Used the Steiner Brothers' theme song
1996Former 'Commissioner' of Ring of Honor
1996Defeated Justin 'Hawk' Bradshaw in Bradshaw's debut match
1996Second person to use the gimmick after Scott Hall
1996Part of the Wrestling Observer's Match of the Year in 1992
1996Wrestling Observer's Most Underrated Wrestler in 1989
19962016 Inductee to the WWE Hall of Fame
1996It doesn't matter what your name is!
19964-Time ECW World Television Champion
1996Former AAA Mega Champion
1996Borrowed from AAA during a WWF/AAA talent exchange
1997Won both the WWF and NWA Tag Team Titles
1997Won both the WWF and NWA Tag Team Titles
1997'I'll Show You, You'll See!'
1997Formerly married to Goldust
1997Long-time SmackDown color commentator
1997The Innovator of Violence
1997Masked gimmick portrayed by several people since 1995
1997Member of the famous Casas wrestling family
1997Appeared in all three major promotions during the Attitude Era
1997Ooh what a rush!
1997Ooh what a rush!
1997Defeated Mini Mankind and Mini Vader on Raw
1997Currently managed by Famous B.
1997Former member of the group Los Power Rangers
1997Also known as Power Ranger Azul
1997A mini version of his character wrestled in WWF until 1999
1997Part of the Los Vipers group in AAA
1997The world's most dangerous man
1997Was accompanied by the manservant Babu
1997Teamed with his father to defeat Jerry Lawler and Grand Master Sexay
1997Master of The Worm
1997A former European and Intercontinental Champion
1997Mr. Monday Night
1997Inventor of the 'Killswitch' finisher that Christian used
1997Son of Jerry The King Lawler
1997Became the first masked legislator in Japanese history in 2003
1997Won the WWF Tag Titles twice with Tito Santana
1997Was WWF Light Heavyweight Champion for over 10 months
1997Broke his neck against Edge in Edge's television debut
1997One-time enforcer/tag partner of John Cena
1997Was part of a winning Survivor Series team in 1997
1997Appeared in films such as 'Sherlock Holmes' and 'Pacific Rim'
1997Won the WCW Cruiserweight, Hardcore and Tag team titles
1997USA! USA!
1997Once pulled a gun (in storyline) on Steve Austin
1997Member of Los Boricuas
1997Former WWE and TNA world champion
1997Version 1.0
1997Won the Light Heavyweight title from Gillberg
1997Lasted only 12 seconds in the 1998 Royal Rumble
1997Sexual Chocolate
1997Holds the record for most combined days as WWE Hardcore champion

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