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Can you name the most popular YouTube beauty gurus?

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DescriptionUsernameNumber of Subscribers
Vietnamese YouTuber who has her own makeup line.~5.5 Million
Teenage girl from California~4.2 Million
British YouTuber whose surname is Sugg~3.2 Million
Real name is Lindy~2.4 Million
Refers to her fans as 'Marzipans'~2.4 Million
She has a second channel called 'TheGridMonster'~2 Million
Full name is Andrea D. Brooks~2 Million
Sister in law of the most subscribed to guru~2 Million
A.K.A Meredith Foster~1.9 Million
Second channel is kandeeland~1.8 Million
Second channel is JarmaineTV~1.8 Million
Famous for nails~1.7 Million
Known for hair and she has five children~1.7 Million
Engaged to Jim Chapman~1.6 Million
One of two YouTube sisters from Tenessee~1.5 Million
Known for hair~1.5 Million
Her name is Bunny~1.5 Million
She has a child called Isaac~1.4 Million
Two sisters who are makeup artists and one created the RealTechniques brushes~1.4 Million
She unfortunately died in 2013 but inspired many~1.3 Million
DescriptionUsernameNumber of Subscribers
The only male on this list~1.3 Million
Mainly does hair but also makeup~1.2 Million
The second of the sisters from Tenesee~1.2 Million
The 'Beauty Bybel'~1.2 Million
Fashion graduate from London~1 Million
Recently married Mike~1 Million
Best friend of the third most subscribed who she calls her chummy~1 Million
Has a second channel called itsjudyslife~900k
14 year old teenager from california~900k
Has her own makeup line named after her~800k
Has a husband called Brad~800k
Model who has worked in Milan and Paris~800k
Her real name is Heart~800k
Surname is Parken~700k
Second channel is FromJen~700k
British makeup artist who has worked with many celebrities~700k
She is Swiss-Canadian and lives in Switzerland~600k
19 year old Cali girl~600k
Two sisters~600k
Called Lauren and she does 'Lucky dip makeup videos'~500k

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