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Can you name the Major Wars of the Modern Era?

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Year(s)WarCauses, Results, or Clues
1526-1571Dynastic Rivalry
1566-1609, 1621-1648Independence of the Dutch Republic
1618-1648The Balance of Power Shifts to Northwestern Europe
1642-1648Oliver Cromwell's Commonwealth
1652-1678The Dutch Golden Age from Domination of World Trade
1667-1697French Debt
1683-1697Loss of Hungary and the Morea
1689-1697Decline of French World Power
1702-1714Philip Becomes King of Spain but Renounces Any Claim to the Throne of France
1702-1721Peter the Great Just Needed a Warm Water Port on the Baltic Sea
1714-1718Austria Gained More of the Hungarian Kingdom
1740-1748Maria Theresa Rules the Austrian Empire
1756-1763Great Britain Passes the Stamp Act in its North American Colonies
1775-1781'No Taxation Without Representation!' (Please don't miss this one.)
Year(s)WarCauses, Results, or Clues
1796-1815French Revolution-Congress of Vienna
1846-1848The U.S. Aquired Some Major Real Estate in the West
1853-1856Alexander Finally Emancipated Russian Serfs
1861-1865The U.S. Finally Emancipated Its Slaves
1870-1871The Second French Empire Falls
1894-1895Japan Continues to Build Its Empire
1898'Remember the Maine!'
1904-1905An Outsider Actually Beats a Major European Power
1914-1918'The War to End All Wars' (The 'Great' War)
1939-1945Evil Maniac Running Germany (If you miss this, never admit it.)
1946-1975The French Were Losing Control of Their Colonies
1990-1991Kuwait's Riches Looked Good to Iraq
1991-1997Independence of Many New Countries
2003-We Got Saddam Hussein, but Terrorism Persists.

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