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Can you name things that start with can according to the hint?

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A round or cylindrical container, typically one made of metal, used for storing such things as food, chemicals, or rolls of film
A country that borders with USA
A sweet food made with sugar or syrup combined with fruit, chocolate, or nuts
A piece of cloth prepared for use as the surface for an oil painting
The disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body
A deep gorge, typically one with a river flowing through it
The hollow, jointed stem of a tall grass, especially bamboo or sugar cane, or the stem of a slender palm such as rattan
A mainly African finch with a melodious song, typically having yellowish-green plumage. One kind is popular as a pet bird and has been bred in a variety of colors, especially brig
A small, round melon of a variety with orange flesh and ribbed skin
A restaurant provided by an organization such as a military camp, college, factory, or company for its soldiers, students, staff, et
A person who eats the flesh of other human beings
An artificial waterway constructed to allow the passage of boats or ships inland or to convey water for irrigation
A large, heavy piece of artillery, typically mounted on wheels, formerly used in warfare
A narrow, keelless boat with pointed ends, propelled by a paddle or paddles
A cylinder or block of wax or tallow with a central wick that is lit to produce light as it burns

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