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Alanqa + Majungasaurus
Labyrinthodontia + Argentinosaurus
Stegosaurus + Triceratops
Ankylosaurus + Diplodocus
Metriorhynchus + Guanlong
Tyrannosaurus Rex + Velociraptor
Pelecanimimus + Hatzegopteryx
Spinosaurus + Utahraptor
Koolasuchus + Sarcosuchus
Limnoscelis + Coloborhynchus
Tropeognathus + Zheijangopterus
Giganotosaurus + Euoplocephalus
Diplocaulus + Irritator
Parasaurolophus + Bonitasaura
Rajasaurus + Ichthyostega
Pachycephalosaurus + Nasutoceratops
Supersaurus + Tyrannotitan
Suchomimus + Dsungaripterus
Carnotaurus + Pyroraptor
Prionosuchus + Dimetrodon
Ostafrikasaurus + Microposaurus
Tapejara + Monolophosaurus
Gorgosaurus + Kaprosuchus
Nundasuchus + Tuojiangosaurus
Unaysaurus + Rhamphorhynchus
Metriacanthosaurus + Dimorphodon
Erlikosaurus + Dilophosaurus
Segnosaurus + Postosuchus
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Created Sep 5, 2017ReportNominate
Tags:World Quiz, Hybrid, jurassic

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