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Forced Order
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Please stand back now/...Little further/Don't know what this thing will do
I attack your weaknesses/And pray you don't see mine
So I'll build a dream that I can live in/And this time I'm never waking up
Everyone's pushing/Everyone's fighting/Storms are approaching/There's nowhere to hide
The cherubim walk him and him/And Jesus says it's cool
You're planning your future/Veronica Sawyer/Will go to some college/And marry a lawyer
She's the dove that sings outside my window/She's the twin from whom I'm separated
Fight the urge to strike a match/And set this dump ablaze
You carved open my heart/Can't just leave me to bleed
We can start and finish wars/We're what killed the dinosaurs/We're the asteroid that's overdue
I'm not alone/I'm not afraid/I feel like Bono at Live Aid
You can set my broken bones/And I know CPR
You can fly with eagles/Or if you prefer/Keep on testing me/And end up like her
No sleep tonight for you/Better chug that Mountain Dew
We're not special/We're not different/We don't choose who lives or dies
They long for your embrace/They're warm like mittens/They'll curl up on your face/And purr like kittens

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