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Can you name the liar who received each message from A?

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Be careful who you hit and run, jailbird. See you on the Fiesta Deck! —A
Good for you for helping him get back in the game, _____. Everyone needs a little 'push,' don't they? —A
_____ _____ got in a crash/Moved a girl to cover her ass/_____ _____ fled the scene/But someone saw it all—me. —A
If you know what's best for you, _____, you'd stay away from him. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Or, after I get through with you, the prison yard. —A
What if a little 'birdie' showed these to Graham—and the police? I can—and I will. —A
Cute! Maybe you and Miss Preppy Thief can room together in jail! —A
Careful, careful! I might just slip, too—and tell. —A
Clownfish are pretty/Starfish are pale/Will _____'s boyfriend/Visit her in jail? —A
You can't hide from the truth, little liar. You're going to get what you deserve. —A
Oops! Did I go 'overboard' by calling the authorities, _____? Sorry! —A

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