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Can you name the liar who received each message from A?

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Hey, ____. Everyone has secrets, indeed. And guess what? I know yours. –A
What happens in Jamaica stays in Jamaica? I don't think so. What will Daddy say? –A
Watch out, ____–I think you have some competition. We both know Noel has a thing for blondes after all. Mwah! –A
Naughty, naughty! Don't you just love to be bad, Killer? Xx, –A
Is this proof enough? –A
The past is never far, ____ . . . and sometimes it's even closer than you think. –A
Watch out, ____. Eventually, all secrets wash ashore. I think you know exactly what I mean. –A
She may not tell, but I can't make the same promise–about ANY of your secrets. Sorry! –A
Turn on the news, sweetie. I have a surprise for you. Kisses! –A

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