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QUIZ: Can you name the liar who received each message from A?

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____: I know what you did. But I won't tell if you do EXACTLY what I say. Wanna know what happens if you don't? Go to Emily's swim meet . . . and you'll see. —A
____, sweetie, I know you're all about tit for tat, so when you made plans to out me, I decided to out you too. Kisses! —A
____: Don't you think Sean should know about that extra-credit work you did with a certain English teacher? Real relationships are built on truth, after all. —A
Need another warning, ____? Ali's murderer is right in front of you. —A
Dear Ms. Finalist, How'd you like it if I told your secret RIGHT NOW? I can, you know. And if you don't watch it, maybe I will. —A
Careful, careful! I'm always watching. —A Here's a second hint: You all knew every inch of her backyard. But for one of you, it was so, so easy.
____, I see you! And if you don't stop it, I'm calling you-know-who. —A
Oops, guess it wasn't lipo! Don't believe everything you hear! —A

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