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Forced Order
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Well if that's love/It comes at much too high a cost
When I see depressing creatures/With unprepossessing features
Blithe smile/Lithe limb/She who's winsome/She wins him
There's a kind of a sort of cost/There's a couple of things get lost
When people see me they will scream/For half of Oz's favorite team
Life's more painless/For the brainless/Why think too hard/When it's so soothing
Whose enthuse for hot air ballooning/Has all of Oz honeymooning?
Isn't it nice to know/That good will conquer evil?
I never saw myself/As a Solomon or Socrates
Every little trait however small/Makes my very flesh begin to crawl
Already dead or bleeding?/One more disaster I can add to my/Generous supply
It well may be/That we will never meet again/In this lifetime

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