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QUIZ: Can you name the next five words in these songs from Hamilton?

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But we'll never be truly free 
until those in bondage have 
the same rights as you and me. 
You and I, do or die. Wait 'til 
I sally in on a stallion 
Laurens, Hamilton, Lee & Burr
It's time to get some 
pistols and a doctor on site. 
You pay him in advance, 
you treat him with civility. 
You have him turn around 
I was younger than 
you are now when I was 
given my first command. 
I led my men straight 
into a massacre. 
Philip & Eliza
Grandpa just lost his seat 
in the Senate. Sometimes 
that's how it goes. 
Daddy's gonna find 
out any minute. 
Hamilton & Eliza
If I could spare his life. 
If I could trade his life for 
mine. He'd be standing 
here right now. And 
you would smile. 
I came 
from afar just 
to say 'Bonsoir!' 
Tell the king 
'Casse toi!' 
France is following 
us to revolution. 
There is no more 
status quo. But 
the sun comes up 
Burr & Hamilton
Dear Theodosia, 
What to say to you? 
You have my eyes. 
Jefferson, Burr, & Madison
Try not to crack 
under the stress. We're 
breaking down like 
fractions. We smack 
each other in the press 
King George III
Why so sad? 
Remember we 
made an 
arrangement when 
you went away. 
I rely on Angelica. While 
she's alive, we tell your 
story. She is buried in 
Trinity Church near you. 
When I needed her most 
Maybe that is why 
I introduce him to 
Eliza. Now that's his 
bride. Nice going, 
Angelica. He was right. 
Angelica, Eliza, & Peggy
It's bad enough Daddy 
wants to go to war. 
People shouting in the 
square. It's bad enough 
there'll be violence on our shore. 
Hamilton & Mulligan
We had a spy on the 
inside. That's right–Hercules 
Mulligan! A tailor spying on 
the British government. I take 
their measurements, information 
Jefferson & Hamilton
Secretary Hamilton, 
your response. 
Thomas, that was a 
real nice declaration. 
Welcome to the present. 
Hamilton & Lee
He started saying 
this to anybody who 
would listen: Washington 
cannot be left alone 
to his devices 
I'm a little nervous, 
but I can't show it. 
I'm sorry, I'm a Hamilton 
with pride. You talk 
about my father 
I'm erasing myself 
from the narrative. 
Let future historians 
wonder how 
Eliza reacted 

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