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Which '-stan' country...

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HintAnswerExtra information
...has the largest area?
...has the smallest area?
...has the highest population?
...has the lowest population?
...has the highest HDI?
...has the lowest HDI?
...has the highest GDP (nominal)?
...has the highest GDP (nominal) per capita?
...has Ashgabat as its capital?
...has the SECOND HIGHEST population density?
HintAnswerExtra information the most corrupt (Corruption Perceptions Index)?
...has the highest percentage of Muslims?
...has the lowest percentage of Muslims?
...borders only one other '-stan' country?
...has the highest FIFA ranking?
...has Almazbek Atambayev as its president?
...does not recognise Armenia?
...has the highest number of active military personnel?
...has the least populous capital city? doubly landlocked?

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