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DescriptionFoot-related word or phrase
Classic pre-marriage problem
Five dollar... five dollar... five dollar...
What we edit to form episodes of M:TOM
Also known as 'Sasquatch'
Evil ninjas who battle oversized turtles
Television program about a family's funeral business
To be charmed in the extreme
To undermine oneself
The bright musical comedy hit of 1941
A boring reference at the bottom of a page which no one reads
DescriptionFoot-related word or phrase
Popular shoe store chain
To regret what one has just said
Film about dancing penguins
Film starring Daniel Day-Lewis about a disabled artist
To pay for dinner for the whole table
To lack dancing ability
Code name of Sirius Black
What you and your girlfriend play under the table while your parents are watching
Also known as 'handegg'
Name of a proud hobbit clan

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