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Can you name the Call of Duty Background Characters?

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Saved on the stairsK.I.A. or Alive
Supports you during 'Heat'Probable Alive
Also supports you in 'Heat'Probable Alive
Operates an obstacle courseK.I.A. during 'Heat'
Watches over the cargo ship mockupProbable Alive
Marine Javelin operatorK.I.A.
ON A BOATMW3 reappearance- Alive
Also on the cargo shipMW3 reappearance- K.I.A.
Assists in helicopter boardingK.I.A.
Helicopter pilotK.I.A.
Marine sniper in 'Semper Fi'Alive
Sub-machine gunner in 'Semper Fi'K.I.A.
Interrogation buddy in 'Semper Fi'K.I.A.
Save him from fireK.I.A. or Alive
It's the coral. We're stuck on the coral.K.I.A.
PBY gunner & playable characterAlive
Major 'i'm not gonna give you anything'Alive
Commanding officer while chasing RojasK.I.A.
Supports you while chasing RojasK.I.A.
Terrorist in 'no Russian'K.I.A
Terrorist in 'no Russian'K.I.A.
Terrorist in 'no Russian'K.I.A.
Terrorist in 'no Russian'Alive
Supports the assault on Makarov's safehouseK.I.A.
Supports the assault on Makarov's safehouseK.I.A.
Commanding sniper in 'Loose Ends'Unknown
Sniper in 'Loose Ends'Unknown
Helps push to Whiskey HotelK.I.A.
Helps push to Whiskey HotelAlive
Jeep driver in 'The Enemy of My Enemy'K.I.A.
Radio operator in 'The Defector'K.I.A.
Assists you in 'WMD' and 'Executive Order'Alive
Assists you in 'WMD'K.I.A.
Navigates the rat tunnels with youK.I.A.
Helps you escape from VorkutaK.I.A.
Protects the president in 'Turbulence'K.I.A.
Aids in protecting Volk in 'Iron Lady'Alive
GIGN CommanderAlive
GIGN operative that travels to sewersAlive
Commander of Anvil Team in 'Black Tuesday'Alive

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