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Home to the Humans; the most populated territory of all human territories
Carter A-259 has this rank, making him the highest-ranked Spartan
Portion of this continent is glassed by the Covenant Separatists to prevent the spread of the Flood
Noble Five
Homeworld of John-117 and Emile-A239
Weapon of choice for Noble Three
Most commonly known as 'Noble Actual'
Weapon of choice for Jorge-052
Born on Monastir, New Harmony in 2530. Conscripted as part of Beta Company
The state on Sanghelios the Arbiter was born in
Expresses great care for his soldiers, even the Unggoy. Lost his two left mandibles in a fight with a flood-infected subordinate
Insurrectionists disabled the planet's primary communication relay and stole two freighters from a drydock here in February 2552
Rtas 'Vadum is said to be an extraordinary fighter with this weapon
Killed in an attempt to prematurely activate a replacement Halo by 343 Guilty Spark
Killed two ODSTs in a boxing ring in a situation which, according to Major Antonio Silva, was orchestrated by ONI to test the augmentation of the SPARTAN-IIs
A favorite weapon of Skirmishers, particularly, the sniper-types
The first planet to be glassed by the covenant in 2525
Formally the Supreme Commander of the Fleet of Particular Justice, honored his fallen comrades at the Hillside Memorial in Voi, Kenya
The first SPARTAN-II to be killed in combat during the Human-Covenant War
One of John-117's closest friends. Saved by Dr. Catherine Halsey and one of the last living Spartan-IIs.
A battle lasting three minutes took place in this system, ending with the glassing of the planet
Born in Durban, Biko. Conscripted to Alpha company at age 11
Born in Luxor, Eridanus-II in 2523. Orphaned after it was glassed in 2530
The youngest in his Special Ops unit. One of the human sympathizing Sangheili
An AI with the avatar of a stereotypical American Cowboy from the 19th century, generally covered in dust and grease
A moon orbiting the gas giant Hesiod in the 23 Librae system used as a breeding ground for Unggoy. Sieged by Jai-006 and Adriana-111
Satellite orbiting Chu'ot‎. Homeworld of the Kig-Yar
Weapon identified by sound by Jun-A266 in 'Nightfall'
Home to the missing calico cat, Jonesy.
Shipmistress of the Covenant missionary vessel Minor Transgression

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