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This German tank was designed in an anti tank role to support Panzer 4s.It was the first German tank to have a three man turret
This tank was named after the British Prime minister during the Battle of Britain5,560 where built, ranging from the Mark 1 through to 8
This was germany’s Most produced fully tracked AFV during the warIt was only the second most produced vehicle to the sdkfz. 152 half-track
The first produced tank in the line of tanks named after Kilment VoroshilovKilment Voroshilov Was the Soviet defence commissar and politician in WW2
It was regarded by Paul von Kleist as the 'the finest tank in the world' when it was first encountered in 194180,000 of all variants were produced throughout the war
The M3 Lee was the predecessor to this tank. It was also adapted with a 17pounder by the British The most widely produced tank by the western allies during the war.
The tank was the first to feature the 88mm kwk36 in the German army.In today’s US$, it would have cost $1,282,051 each.
An American heavy tank fitted With an 80mm fun and 102mm of frontal armour. It was designed to replace the M4 shermanThe tanks were ordered by the army after the deficiencies of the M4s in the Battle of the Bulge were apparent
The Germans direct response to the Soviet T34 menaceWith 80mm of sloping armour, 40km/h road speed and a 75 mm gun. It was regard as the best alround tank of the war.
The most produced Japanese tank of WW2 only weighing 7 tonsIt had a 3 man crew with the commander who also served the main gun
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The Queen of the desertIt was the only British tank to serve from the beginning of the war to the end
Originally only a training tank for Germany. But saw combat in Spain, France, USSR and BelgiumIt’s main armament was two 7.62mm machine guns
Designated the m-10 and based of the hull of an M4A2 ShermanIt had an open top turret to increase ventilation, accessibility and save weight
Also known as the cruiser MKVIII or the A27MIt could reach up to 60km/h on roads
A German heavy tank weighing 70 tons with a 88mm Kwk L70m It’s said that the soviets could make ten T34-85s for each Royal Tiger
French tank with a 75mm howitzer in the hull of the tankIt had a crew of 4 but only one man was in the turret
The most numerous tank in German tank divisions at the beginning of the warIts turrets we’re used as bunkers on the Atlantic wall once they had become obsolete
It was fitted with a 380mm RW61 L5.4 Rocket LauncherThe shells were so large and heavy that it could only carry 14 shells and needed a crane to help load the gun.
Each Soviet guard battalion had 3 regiments of 65 of this tank by the end of 1944The 120mm of frontal armour was impenetrable from 1km by any German gun.
An American tank with riveted armour, an abnormally high silhouette and a hull mounted gunIt was also known as the grant with a different turret, most commonly used by the British

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