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Endermen dislike this.
The item that will protect you when you look at an enderman.
The item that villagers use for trading.
The mob boss you can see in the nether.
The block on the bottom part of what you need to summon a wither.
The mob boss you can see in the end.
The block where the enderdragon regenerates its health.
The block that is protected against TNT and can be found in the end.
The color of the rare attacking bunny.
The new character name that was released in Minecraft 1.8.
The durability/amount of uses of wooden tools.
The amount of time a tick is in seconds.
The amount of achievements there are in the PC edition of Minecraft.
Round to the nearest billion how much a ful diamond armor set is worth.
The amount of diamonds you need to make a full set of diamond armor.
The biome where coco-beans are found.
The block on the top part of what you need to summon a wither.
The mob that can go into stone.
The item you get from smelting coal.
The place where you find the/an elder guardian.
The 'sister' game of Minecraft that is mentioned in the crass screen.
The block that makes you jump up when you jump on it.
The new mob released in 1.8 with the prefix ender.
One of the 2 items that are not in Minecraft but are in Minecraft Pocket Edition.
The other item that is not in Minecraft but is in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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