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A rare combination of 2 mobs
A classic green mob,explodes
Lays eggs
Found exclusively in jungles
A tall creature that teleports
Only mob found in water
Can be created with snow and a pumpkin
An eight-legged creature that crawls around
A red hopping cube found in the Nether
A small creature that flies in dark areas
A green hopping cube
A small gray creature that pops out of stone blocks
Found in huts in swamps
A flying yellow creature found in the Nether
Found in Mushroom Biomes
A removed mob that is very large
One of the bosses,located in the End
A flying white creature located in the Nether
A passive mob that can be found in many colors
Another boss,shoots heads at you and flies around
A small eight-legged creature that poisons you
Can be created with iron and a pumpkin
Inhabits NPC Vllages
Infected 26
Inhabits the Nether,carry Gold Swords
Shoot arrows at you
Only mob that can drop it's head

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