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This organization opens its first permanent home on Wall StreetJanuary 4
Congress narrowly passes this Amendment abolishing slaveryJanuary 31
This union general begins his march through South CarolinaFebruary 1
This South Carolina city burnsFebruary 17
This New England school begins the first college level program in architecture in the USFebruary 20
Lincoln's assassin attends this event held on the Capitol stepsMarch 4
This President of the Confederacy signs a bill allowing blacks to become confederate soldiersMarch 13
The Confederate President flees this cityApril 2
Lee Surrenders to Grant at this location.April 9
Abraham Lincoln is shot at this Washington theaterApril 14
This woman is arrested as a conspirator in the Lincoln assassination. She becomes the first woman hanged by the US Federal GovernmentApril 17
This assassin of Abraham Lincoln is killed in VirginiaApril 26
The greatest maritime disaster in US history occurs when this steamboat carrying union POW's explodesApril 27
Private John Jefferson Williams of B Company, 34th Regiment Indiana Infantry is last man killed at the final land battle of the Civil War in this stateMay 13
This, the largest of the Union armies, is disbandedJune 28
This newspaper owner advises his readers to 'Go west young man'July 13
President Andrew Johnson paroles this man who was the Vice-President of the Confederate StatesOctober 11
Henry Wirz is convicted of war crimes for his role as the head of this camp for Union prisoners in GeorgiaOctober 18
Mary Edward Walker, the first Army female surgeon, becomes the first woman awarded this medalNovember 11
This author and humorist publishes 'Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County'November 18
Several Confederate veterans in Pulaski, Tennessee form this organizationDecember 24

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