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How Much Do You Know About Ulysses S. Grant?

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In what year was he born?
What was his given name at birth?
In what state was he born?
What was his father's occupation?
What was his mother's maiden name?
What college did he graduate from?
What was one of his two best subjects at college?
What was Grant's lifelong nickname that he was first given in college?
Who did he marry after graduating
What job was Grant given while in the army after graduation
What war did Grant fight in before the Civil War?
What two generals did Grant serve under during that war?
What was Grant's rank when he resigned from the Army in 1854?
Rumor was that Grant resigned for this reason
Name any of the occupations Grant tried unsuccessfully from 1854-1861
Did Grant ever own any slaves?
QuestionAnswerAdditional Info
What rank was Grant first given when he volunteered in 1861
Name one of the two forts captured by Grant's forces in 1862
What new nickname was he given after the captures?
What major city surrendered to Grant on July 4, 1863?
After what victory was Grant brought east to command the Union armies?
Who commanded the Army of the Potomac under Grant
Grant first fought the forces of Robert E. Lee in what battle?
Where did Lee surrender to Grant?
Who was Grant's close friend and the commander of troops in the Western theater?
In what year was Grant elected President?
What trip did Grant take after leaving the White House?
What book did Grant write, finishing just shortly before his death?
Who published Grant's book?
What did Grant die of?
Where is Grant buried? No, not that answer, the city.
On what denomination of bill does the picture of Grant appear?

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