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Forced Order
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What is another name given to their attack on Isengard?
Treebeard says that orcs were made to mock elves and what creatures were created to mock Ents?
What did Saruman mockingly call Treebeard and his kind?
When Treebeards kind get together to talk it is called what?
Who have the Ents been searching for?
Who is the Ent that Treebeard asks to entertain the Hobbits?
How long did the Ents deliberate before deciding to attack Isengard
Which Ent was burned to death during the attack on Isengard
Tolkien said that his desire to have trees march to war came from which of Shakespeare's plays
What is the Sindarin word for Ent?
HARD ONE! The name of Treebeard's wife.(Not Mrs. Treebeard!)
According to Treebeard, Saruman does not care for growing things, 'he has a mind of metal and ______?'
Treebeard is one of three elder Ents, name either of the other two in the Common Speech.
The name for juveniles of Treebeard's race
Ents are called the ________s of the forest.
Treebeard's motto is: 'Do not be ______? '
Who is the one character in LotR older than Treebeard?
What are the trees the Ents watch over called?
Who did the kind-hearted Treebeard release from Isengard
What is Treebeard's native language?
Treebeard was at least how many feet hign?
What is Treebeard's name in Sindarin?
'Many of those trees were my friends, creatures I had known from nut and ______?'

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