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Can you name the People, Places & Things in the Lord of the Rings Movies that begin with 'S'?

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Forced Order
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Bilbo was trying to avoid these relatives at his party
Denethor was not the King of Gondor, he was the ______
Merry says that the Ents are _____of the trees
The number of Rings given to the dwarf-lords
Grima describes Aragorn's ring as having two of these
The actor who plays Frodo's gardener
He won an Oscar for his original score for the movies: Howard _______
He kills Elendil
Where you will find Hobbiton and Buckland
Aragorn used it to kill the warg attacking Gimli
Frodo didn't like it when Mr. Gamgee called Gollum this name: _______
Anduril was forged from the _____of Narsil
'Keep it _______. Keep it _______'
Sam asks Frodo, on the slopes of Mt. Doom, if he remembers this fruit
Eowyn makes this not so tasty dish and gives some to Aragorn
The Witch King calls Arwen a '____-____'
Gollum was once called __________
Theoden mentions that this flower grows on graves
The chief of the Mearas
'What do trees have to talk about except the consistency of _______ droppings?'
He imprisons Gandalf
He dies falling through the trap door in Cirith Ungol
Frodo's gardener
'It is not a bad thing to celebrate a ______life.'
Galadriel's boat is in the shape of a ______
To reach the tunnel to Mordor one must climb the ________of Cirith Ungol
Who said: 'He took a little tumble off the cliff.'
Legolas kills a warg and announce that its' rider was 'A _______.'
The Language spoken by Men is called the common _______
'I give you the light of Earendil, our most beloved _______'
The Hobbits meet him at the Prancing Pony
The actor who played Gollum was Andy _______
'If by my life or death I can protect you, I will, you have my _____'
Aragorn reminds the sword wielding Eowyn that she is a ________of Rohan
'You young rascals. A merry hunt you’ve led us on and now we find you feasting and … and ________!
Bilbo gives it to Frodo in Rivendell
She likes her meals fresh
The Balrog is a creature of flame and _____
One of the not so nice names Gandalf is called in Rohan
'And where is your __________ friend? That gangrel creature. He had an ill-favored look.'
The Uruk who took the mithril vest
'His ______. I told you to take the wizard's _____'
The actor who plays Boromir

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