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QUIZ: Can you name the Facts about Boromir LOTR Books & Movies?

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He is the son of _______
His brother is _______
A little tougher, who was his mother?
Harder still, who was his maternal grandfather?
Who was his paternal grandfather? HINT: same name as the tower at Minas Tirith
Can you name any one of his three military titles?
It took 110 days for him to journey from Gondor to where?
On the way he loses his horse and has to walk the rest of the way. Name the river where he lost the horse
Had to ask this-What is his most famous line from the Movies? (7 words)
What did Boromir recommend they take with them on Caradhras that saved their lives?
Here is a gift, a gift to the foes of Mordor. Who played Boromir in the Movies?
In the Book it is Boromir who throws a rock into the water and awakens the Watcher at the gate of Moria. Who gets blamed for this in the Movie?
Boromir helps battle orcs in the Chamber of Mazurbul that contains whose tomb?
In the Movie what gift does Boromir receive in Lorien?
What does Galadriel give him in the Book?
Who accompanies Boromir in his boat when they travel on the Anduin?
Where does Boromir try to take the Ring from Frodo?
What does Boromir do to summon help?
Who kills Boromir in the Movie?
In the Book he is killed by many Uruk hai led by whom?
In what Book does Boromir die?
How old was Boromir when he died?(Hint-think Legolas at Helms Deep from the Book, one less than claimed in the movie)
His body is placed in a boat and sent over the Falls of _____
Name any one of the items placed in the boat along with his body and the weapons of his enemies
Who are the two members of the Fellowship who sang the Lament for Boromir?
In the Movies Boromir is seen with his father and brother where?

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