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QUIZ: Can you name the Facts about Legolas from the Lord of the Rings Books?

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Forced Order
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Legolas translates as this
He is the Prince of what Forest?
Easy one! What is his father's name?
Hard one! What is his grandfather's name?
Legolas is an elf of the________ realm
However, he and his father are not Silvan Elves. Actually, they are what kind of Elf?
Who is older Aragorn, Legolas or Gimli?
Who is the youngest of the three?
Besides his bow and arrows, what other weapon did Legolas carry?
Tolkien introduces Legolas as 'a strange elf clad in....' What two colors?
Legolas came to Rivendell to tell of whose escape?
Legolas has two extremely keen senses, name them
What creature did Legolas shoot outside of Moria?
In Lothlorien Legolas sings to the others the Song of _______
What gift did Galadriel give to Legolas only?
What was it made of?
On the River Anduin, what does Legolas kill, in the dark, with only one arrow?
Name the horse given to Legolas by Eomer
How many orcs did Legolas kill at Helm's Deep? (one less than the movie says)
Galadriel sends a message to Legolas to beware of what?
Who delivers Galadriel's message?
After Boromir's death, Legolas and Aragorn sing a lament. What part does Legolas sing? (It's not tenor or baritone!)
After the War Legolas founded a community of Elves where?
After Aragorn's death what did Legolas build?
Whom did he take with him to Valinor?

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