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QUIZ: Can you name the Facts About Gimli from the Lord of the Rings Books?

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Forced Order
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He is the son of ______
His weapon of choice is an _____
Gimli belongs to what group of dwarves?
Who was The Lord or Moria?
How was he related to Gimli?
What was Gimli's home?
He started off not liking which elf?
Because the father of this elf who was named what?
Did what to Gimli's dad? He ________ ___
When the Fellowship enters Lothlorien Gimli is annoyed when the elves want him to wear a __________
Gimli is smitten by this Lady of Lothlorien
Who gives him what gift?
And she names him this (HINT: it has to do with the gift)
He is angered when this person insults the Lady of Lorien
Later this person says that another is still more beautiful than the Lady of Lorien. Who is this other woman?
At Helms Deep how many orcs does Gimli kill? (one less than he claims in the movie)
Gimli vowed to bring his elf friend to visit what place in Rohan?
Legolas wishes that Gimli visit where?
Whose life does Gimli save at the Black Gate by recognizing his feet under a troll?
After the War Gimli was given the title of ___of the ______ ______
He was also given this unusual title for a dwarf ___-____
After the War he helped repair what in Minas Tirith?
Steel and this very pricey item were used for the repair
In what year of the Fourth Age did Gimli have the honor of being the first dwarf to go to the Undying Lands?

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