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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about Arwen from the LOTR Books and the Movies?

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What race is she?
Easy One! Who is her father?
A little harder, who is her mother?
Her name, Arwen, is Sindarin. It means ___ ____
Her full name is Arwen what?
That name is Quenyan for what?
Who is Arwen's grandmother with whom she lived for many years?
A little tougher one. Can you enLIGHTen us. Who is her paternal grandfather?
Who played Arwen in the Movies?
Can you name her twin brothers?
When she first met Aragorn she was 2710 years old. How old was he?
She died one year after Aragorn Elessar at 2901 years of age. Where was she buried?
In the Books she gives a gift of a necklace to whom?
In the Movies she rides with the wounded Frodo to Rivendell. Who fills this role in the Book?
What is the name of the horse she rides?
In the Book, who summons the flood that sweeps the Ringwraiths away?
Where does this flood happen?
In the Movie, Aragorn sings of an Elf who like Arwen chooses a mortal life. Who is she?
In the Book, Arwen sends a gift to Aragorn before he leaves for the Paths of the Dead. What is it?
It bears the emblem of Elendil. What color is it?
In the Movie Arwen convinces her father to send what to Aragorn?
Aragorn and Arwen have at least two daughters and one son. What is the son's name?

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