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Can you name the Missing 3 words from these Lord of the Rings-Return of the King Movie Quotes?

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'In Ithilien. Not two days ago. Gandalf, they’re taking the road to _____ _____ ______'Faramir
'We’re under orders from Treebeard who’s taken over ____ ____ ____'Merry
'She jabs him with her stinger and he goes as limp as____ ___ ____'Shagrat
'You sent the Ring of power into Mordor in the hands of____ ____ _____'Denethor
'The stars are veiled. Something stirs in the East ___ _______ _______'Legolas
'Mr Frodo, look! The King has got ____ _____ _____'Sam
'I looked into your future and ____ ____ ____'Elrond
'Do you ___ ____ ____ when you see it, old man?'Witch King of Angmar
'Here, something for the road.' 'The last of ____ ____ ____'Pippin
'It takes more to make a King than a ___ ____ _____'Mouth of Sauron
'The precious will be ours once the Hobbitses are dead!' SAM: You _______ ________ ________Sam
'I can’t manage the Ring Sam. It’s ___ ___ ____ 'to carryFrodo
'“Murderer” they called us. They cursed us and ____ ____ ____'Gollum
'I go to my fathers, in whose mighty company I shall not _____ _____ ______'Theoden
'I hold your oath fulfilled. Go. ____ ____ _____'Aragorn
'Long have you hunted me. Long have ___ ____ ____. No more!'Aragorn
'The dead do not suffer the ____ ___ _____'King of the Dead
'I can see him with_____ _____ ______'Frodo
'His defeat at Helm’s Deep showed our enemy one thing.He knows the ___ ___ ____ has come forth'Gandalf
'I’ve rationed it, there should be enough.' 'For what?' _____ _____ _____Sam
'Andúril, the Flame of the West, forged from the ____ ____ _____'Elrond
'and the dead keep it. The____ ____ _____'Legolas
'You cannot think that this Ranger will ever sit upon the ____ ____ _____'Saruman
'You shall be Meriadoc, _____ _____ _____'Theoden
'Stop your squealing ____ _____ ______'Shagrat
'Fear. The city is rank with it!. Let us ease their pain.____ ____ ____'Gothmog
'I’m sorry uncle. I’m afraid___ ____ _____'Frodo
'I think I’m quite ready ____ _____ _____'Bilbo
'An hour of woes and shattered shields when the ___ ___ ____ comes crashing down'Aragorn
'The ___ ____ ____! Gondor calls for aid.'Aragorn
'I’ve heard enough! Shoot him! Stick an arrow ____ ____ ____'Gimli
'You wont kill many Orcs with a blunt blade. Come on. ____ ____ ____, go'Eowyn
'A mug of ale in my hand. Putting my feet up. .. .. .. after a _____ _____ _____'Pippin
'Sauron will not have forgotten the___ ____ ____'Aragorn
'And Rohan will answer. _______ _____ ______'Theoden
'There never was much hope. Just ___ ____ ____'Gandalf
'Oaths you have taken. Now fulfil them all, to_____ _____ ______'Eomer
'And so the people of Gondor fell into ruin.The line of Kings failed. The______ _____ _____'Gandalf
'White shores and beyond, a far green country under_____ _____ _____'Gandalf

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