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Can you name the People, Places and Things that Start with the Letter 'E' from Lord of the Rings Books?

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Treebeard is one of them
Aragorn's name as the King of Gondor & Arnor
Galadriel gives Frodo the Light of ________.
She marries Faramir
The Master of Rivendell
Theoden's brother
The land between the Misty Mountains and the Blue Mountains, the word means 'wilderness'
A land of cliffs and jagged rocks where Frodo and Sam capture Gollum
Aragorn's name as a child, used to hide his identity
It means 'holly-region' in Sindarin, a dwelling place close to Moria
The first child of Sam and Rosie Gamgee
The wielder of Narsil
The Elves that left for Valinor
Arwen's two brothers
Legolas is the only member of the Fellowship of this race
Another name for the Lonely Mountain
The only son of Aragorn and Arwen
They fight for Sauron
He becomes the King of Rohan
The Court of the Kings of Rohan is located here
The Mountains of Shadow in Mordor in Sindarin
Elrond's brother who chooses to be human
The name of Denethor's father
The first three words of the Oath spoken, or sung by Aragorn at his coronation
One of Theoden's right hand men, in the book he leads the troops at the Ford of Isen
One of the parts of the Shire
Another name for King Thingol, the father of Luthien
Gwahir is one of them
The green gem worn by Aragorn
Gandalf accuses Sam of doing this at BagEnd

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