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Can you name the these People, Places and Things from Lord of the Rings Books that start with the letter 'G'?

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The other name associated with Legolas
He is one of Theoden's right hand men
The Hobbits meet this elf in the Shire
She is the holder of the Ring Nenya
One of the great Elves, he held one of the three Elven rings
He is known as Mithrandir and also this two word name that does not contain the word wizard
The last name of Sam and Hamfast
The name for the Caves at Helm's Deep
Father of the dwarf of the Fellowship
A popular tavern in the Shire
Frodo and Sam cross these plains to reach Mt. Doom
He was once called Smeagol
The dwarf of the Fellowship
The place of departure from Middle Earth
She lives with Tom Bombadil
He helped poison the mind of Theoden
He battles the Balrog
The Lord of the Eagles
Denethor was Steward of
Isildur died here
Second in command to the Witch King at Pelennor Fields
The sword of the wizard of the Fellowship
In the book this elf carries Frodo to Rivendell
One of the Orcs that kidnap Merry and Pippin
One of the orcs at Cirith Ungol

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