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Forced Order
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A twin island country off the northern edge of South America
NFL team that fits this quiz
The device for launching the weapons most submarines carry
A group of people who are put together to consider topics such as social policy, culture, economics etc.
A large vehicle used for hauling freight, often called a Semi
90's animated series about students at Acme Looniversity
Yes, it is one word, but how can you resist including the BBC's Dipsy, Laa-Laa, Po and Tinky Winky
A quarterback who was known for his praying as much as his playing
A type of wrestling match involving teammates taking turns in the ring
Bob Crachit's disabled child
If your class schedule says TT it means you should show up on these days
A sleeveless shirt
With an 'a' in the middle, from the French meaning a private conversation between two people
A comic book team featuring the young versions of Robin, Cyborg, Starfire, Raven and Beast Boy
A derogatory term for poor people living in mobile homes
Another name for Ping Pong
The members of these groups are descended from the many sons of Jacob
Singer-songwriter and keyboardist, best known as one-half of the 1970s duo Captain &
Stage name of Charles Sherwood Stratton, a famous little person
Nursery rhyme character that sang for his supper
A cylindrical drum with no snares. Also Bo Beep's love interest
Singer, teamed with Ike before their divorce
Based on the Twilight Zone,(with of in the middle) this is a drop thrill ride located at Disney's Hollywood Studios
The second book of the Lord of the Rings trilogy
Country Music singer and winner of two Grammy Awards
One of the founding members of the Fantastic Four
With 'on' in the middle, we all want to know what hashtags are...
For example, she sells sea shells by the sea shore
A footrace usually held on Thanksgiving Day
Animated series from the 60's about a penguin voiced by Don Adams
Founder of the cable news network CNN
2008 Ben Stiller action comedy about making a Vietnam War movie
A British way of saying bye-bye
A University located in Lubbock. Their nickname is the Red Raiders
Also called a wrecker, this vehicle used to transport disabled or illegally parked vehicles

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