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Can you name the Missing 3 words from these Lord of the Rings-The Fellowship of the Ring Movie Quotes?

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'I was just cutting the grass........''' A little late for ____ _____ ______ don't you thinkGandalf
'Dunno why he's so upset! Its only a ___ __ _____'Merry
' A shadow and a threat has been growing in my mind. ____ _____ _____, I can feel it.'Legolas
'The Ring brought to Gollum____ ____ _____'Galadriel
'Stray but a little and it will fail, to the ___ ___ ____'Galadriel
'I’ve got a few bottles of ____ ____ ______ left, 1296, a very good year, almost as old as I am.'Bilbo
'Sauron's forces are massing in the east, his eye is ___ ___ _______'Elrond
'Bilbo! The ring is still____ ____ _____'Gandalf
' By nightfall this hills will be ____ ____ ____'Aragorn
'Always proud to cater to ___ ___ ___'Butterbur
'...and into this Ring he poured all his _____,____ ____ and his will to dominate all life.' Galadriel
'In a dream I saw the Eastern sky grow dark In the West a ___ ____ _____' Boromir
'I ask only for the strength to ____ ____ ______'Boromir
'Mr Frodo's not going ____ ____ _____'Sam
'Keep it Secret. _____ __ ______'Gandalf
SAM: Of course you are...and I'm coming with you' FRODO:___ ____ _____'Frodo
'It is mine to give to whom I will. ____ ___ _____'Arwen
'Half the Shire’s been invited.And the rest of them are____ ___ _______'Frodo
'I will diminish and go into the west ____ ____ ______'Galadriel
'But where our hearts truly lie is in peace and quiet and ____ ____ _____'Bilbo
'Smeagol's life is ___ ____ _____'Gandalf
'have you ever been called home by the clear ringing __ ____ _____?'?Boromir
'He turned from that path a long time ago. He ___ ___ _____'Elrond
'Your love of the Halflings leaf has clearly ____ ____ ______'Saruman
'I would have gone with you to the end into the very _____ ____ _____'Aragorn
'The writing, which at first was as clear__ ___ ____, has all but disappearedIsildur (read by Gandalf)
'Dwarf doors are _____ ____ ______'Gimli
Tomatoes, sausages,____ _____ _____'Merry
'The Mines are no place for a pony even one so ____ __ _____'Aragorn
'Bilbo have you been at ____ ____ ______?'Frodo
'There's one dwarf yet in Moria who ___ ___ ____'Gimli
'You bring great_____ ___ _____You can go no further!'Haldir
'A little more caution from you! That is no _____ ____ _____'Strider
'Gentlemen! We do not stop 'til nightfall.' PIPPEN'____ ____ ____?'Pippin

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