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Can you name the words or expressions that contain the word 'foot'?

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The sound of a step
If you get stuck paying, you have been made to ___ ___ ____
Another name for shoes
Mountain goats must be this to survive
The Queen of England still employs these for her carriages
If you said something you regret you may have ___ ___ ___ __ __ ___ (6 words)
If you have made a good start you may have gotten one ___in the _____ (4words)
To travel without auto, horse, bike, etc. is to be __ ____
A person who is a novice, especially in the wild
Children around the house on a rainy day always seem _______
An infantryman or woman is also known as a ___ ____
If you have made a bad start you may be off on the ___ ____
To be without shoes
A Native American tribe from Montana and surrounding areas
Something is in the air, is being planned, something is ____
A congenital condition that leaves one with a pronounced limp
Twelve inches
A stable position or base
In the USA, it is called soccer
A.K.A. Sasquatch
Something to put your feet up on
A boxer needs to utilize this
When you begin something you may want to put your ___ ____ _____
If you are close to death, it might be said you have ___ ___ __ ___ ____ (5 words)
To walk in haste, or a practical joke with matches

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