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QUIZ: Can fill in the blanks for these words or phrases that contain the word 'fall' or the letters 'fall'

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Capable of making a mistake, humans are all _________
Something bad happens, “Sandy was the worst thing to ____ Long Island”
'Okay recruits, off the bus and ____ ___ here'
I’ve _______ and I can’t get up!
To be in love is to ___ ____ someone
To take the blame, usually to save another is to ____ on your ______
Those who dislike technology might say that 'Computers will be the _______of civilization'
According to the song you should catch a _____ _____ and put it in your pocket”
A tangled mass of fallen trees and branches, a trap for animals to fall into
Some people can't handle emergencies, they just ___ ____
When this liquid cascades over a cliff you have a ________
To come down from a high position is to ___ ____ _____
A scapegoat, the one to blame is a _____ _____
The amount of precipitation measured in inches
When a ship reaches its destination it makes __________
The time of day when the sky turns dark
if you don’t do your homework you might ___ ____ in class
A quarrel, or to break ranks. 'Okay recruits, ____ _____!'
'He is so handsome, I think I am ___ __ ____ again!''
Often a part of physical comedy, usually results in landing on one’s rear end
Something that is untrue, a wrong belief is a ________
Cultivated land that is not planted for the season is allowed to lie _____
To miss reaching your goal is to _____ _____
'The enemy is advancing, retreat ____ ____!'
The amount of frozen precipitation measured in inches
A hidden danger
When you make a mess of things you ____ on your ______
A decline in quality or quantity
Feeling dejected,ashamed or humiliated
The residue of a nuclear explosion
Except for zero G conditions most people on earth trip and ___ ___
The sound of a person's step
If you lose your job you may have to ____ ____ __ your savings
If you have insomnia it if difficult to ____ _____
Part of female anatomy there are two of these tubes that carry eggs to the uterus

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