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Can you name the words and phrases that contain the word face (Vol.II)

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A set of letters of the same style, used in printing
In minstrel shows, white people would put this makeup on
He is so ugly he has a ____ _____ __ _____ could love (4 words)
'Aww...why the ___ _____, did something make you sad?'
'Just look at his expression, guilt is _____ ___ ____ ___ ___ (5 words)
An insult, or something that causes us disappointment is a real ____ ___ __ ______ (4 words) Also, someone could actually do this to you and it would hurt
Before the first chapter, authors often include a _____
Describes a double-dealing liar who tells different people different things to win favor
When we get embarassed we often get ___ in __ ____ (4 words)
'Stop eating so much. All you think about is ___ ___ _____
Brash, undisguised, brazen,unashamed. 'It was a ___-____ lie'
To challenge something. To be the opposite of what is usual is to ___ in ___ ____ of something
The upper or outside layer. It looks good on the _____, but deep down it's rotten'
If someone sticks out their tongue and grimaces, we say thay are _____ _ _____
Describes something meant to be funny, but is often mistaken as a serious statement
'Gray skies and going to clear up, put on a ___ ___'
'___ ____, you've got the cutest little ___ ____'
'Monday's child is _____ ___ _____'
Small and used to wash a part of one's head
She had brains and good looks, she was not just ___ __ ___
When it looked like the deal would fall through she offered a compromise to ____ _____
He tripped and fell ____-____ into the birthday cake
To highlight a word or phrase in print by darkening it is to use _______

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