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Can you name the words and phrases that contain the word 'face'?

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Forced Order
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If you want to win at Texas Hold'em, you need a good ___ ____
It hurt when the doctor bandaged the wound, but he put on a __ ___
A small, flat surface on a jewel
Elaine Benes loved this expression meaning 'You're Kidding!' '____ your _____!'
'Platoon, _____ ______!'
He was angry, pointing his finger and gesturing. He really got ___ ___ ____ about my crashing his car.
The SEAL team member was fearless in _ ___ __ danger
The King, Queen or Jack in a deck
To be caught in the middle of something embarrassing can leave you with __ on __ ___
A method of beginning play, used in field and ice hockey
He tripped over a wire and fell ___ on ___ ____
I cannot punk anyone, I start to laugh, I just can't ___ a ____ ___
My mom told me never to cut off my nose to ___ ___ _____
He spray-painted the building and was arrested and accused of _______ it
You can't miss it, it's as __ as the __ __ __ __
No one was listening, but he kept talking until he was ___ in ___ ____
This title was given to Helen of Troy. She was the ___ ___ ___ a thousand ships
Joan Rivers has probably had a dozen of these procedures
In a crisis, it is often wise for leaders to meet ___-__-___
The thief was caught, now it was time to ___ ___ ______
'If you don't stop grinning, I'm gonna wipe that ___ __ ___ ____'
In Westerns, Native Americans often refer to White people as ________
To be anonymous or non-descript, just a ____ in ___ _____
I paid $100. The show ticket had a _____ _____ of $50
A protective covering, common for goalies in some sports
In draw poker, the cards are dealt ________
Many people have hundreds of friends on this website
Especially in Japan, if you make a mistake, that others are aware of, you may ____ _____
One of the longest running programs on TV, it involves politicans being questioned by the press

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