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QUIZ: Can you name the words and phrases that contain the word 'ball'

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Heavy material often put on ships to balance the weight of cargo
A part of the body, or to look something over closely
Round candy dispensed from machines
To offer to buy by stating a price way under the real value is to ______ it
When a pitcher purposely hits a batter it's called a ________
A song, usually slow and often about love
She was married to Desi Arnez
A game played with modified weapons and a favorite of the makers of Tide
They actually made a movie about this game that is usually played in schoolyards
A game with bumpers and flippers
My cats love to cough these up on my rugs
A halfback or a fullback is often the ___ _____
A pitch that flutters and is difficult for catchers to handle
A roly-poly person or a brand of Turkey
If you don't use a fountain pen or a goose feather, you probably use this
To cast your vote so as to ban someone from membership is to _______ them
Someone who gets it right, who knows their stuff is __ ___ ____
To put something, or one, into retirement. Also, a substance used to foil wool eating insects
One of the stars of the movie 'Up', it is powered by hot air
Cinderella took a carriage when she went to __ _____
If you are stymied, it could be said you are behind the ________
If you are really enjoying yourself it could be said you are ____ __ _____
A female dancer in 'Swan Lake'
Someone who is strange, different, even wacky
If you want to watch a baseball game you will probably head for the ______
Part of a machine, often lubricated, it assists it making parts turn
Term for any ball player who doesn't like to share the ball
Spaghetti and _______
Crazy comedy, usually old- fashioned and apt to be groaned at
'Take me out to the __________'
You drop your vote in this box
A type of dive, or something shot out of ancient artillery
Describes a person who gets things done, or something that comes after an explosion
In tennis, they run around the court, usually after errant shots
Sometimes vulgar, this describes bold or brash actions. 'That was a real _____ thing to do.'
People like to play with them in the ocean, but the wind plays tricks with them
You can throw these on certain winter days
An alcoholic drink popular in the 50's and 60's
A place to go to if you want to dance a waltz or the tango
Sometimes vulgar, an aggressive,domineering or intimidating person is a real _____-_____
To prevent escape prisoners were made to wear a ___ ___ _____
A James Bond book and movie. The villain was Emilio Largo

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