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Name the word made by adding an a to the beginning of another word with a different meaning

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Forced Order
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WordAnswerWord with an 'a'
A male cat The smallest particle that can exist by itself
A small lump or mass of tissue The positive terminal of an electrolytic cell
A place where a specific event is heldA wide street
A form of something that differs from other forms A strong feeling of dislike
To make free of Extremely dry
Old English form of 'the' Yes, especially in the Navy
Attractive in a childish wayHaving a sudden onset
Conjunction meaning except for To touch along a border
A mammary glandUp to date with knowledge of recent events
Past tense of to make a present of A plant with spiny leaves and sap used for healing
The quality of a voice or sound To do something good to make up for a transgression
Pronoun used by more than one person A strong feeling of fear and wonder
A container made of glass Slightly open
To repair, especially cloth To put right or change for the better
A fee for use, especially a highway A coral island surrounded by a reef and lagoon
An object given as an award for winning Gradual loss of muscle tone
A title for a young woman or girl Out of place, in the wrong order
A confusing network of passages To stupefy or bewilder
An increase in amount Another time, once more
Slang for a man, a chap, a fellow A person who acts for another
A group of male humans Used to express agreement or approval
A span over a river or chasm To shorten or reduce in scope
A piece of sawed lumberOn a vehicle, especially a ship
A minor under someone's care To give a prize to
A tapering roof, a steeple To seek to attain a goal
A yellow vegetable with kernels The seed of an oak tree
To think about something thoughtfully To make someone laugh or smile
One of the seven deadly sins To have the same opinion
Not containing anything To stay away from
Opening in a fence or wall A stone with colored stripes or patches
A flower, often fragrant Past tense of to get up after lying down
From, usually used with the word 'to' A hairstyle of tight curls in a rounded shape

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