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January 13th
Renegade Kid, DS 
Pandemic Studios, Ps3/360/PC/DS 
January 20th
Square Enix, PSP 
January 21st
EA Black Box, Ps3/360 
EA, Wii/DS 
January 26th
Blue Castle Games, Ps3/360/PC 
January 27th
Namco Bandai Games, Ps3/360 
Pentavision, PSP 
January 29th
FluffyLogic, Ps3 
February 3rd
Global A Entertainment, DS 
Acquire, Wii 
February 9th
Rainbow Studios, Wii 
February 10th
Monolith Productions, Ps3/360/PC 
Gaijin Entertainment, Ps3/360/PC 
Backbone Entertainment, Ps3/360 
EA, Wii 
Indieszero, DS 
Tamsoft, 360/Wii 
Headstrong Games, Wii 
Japan Studios, PSP 
February 12th
ThatGameCompany, Ps3 
February 13th
KDV Games, PC 
February 16th
Intelligent Systems, DS 
February 17th
Capcom, Ps3/360 
SimBim, 360 
ArtePiazza, DS 
Rockstar North, 360 
February 19th
Relic Entertainment, PC 
Namco Bandai Games, Ps3 
February 24th
Tri-Ace, 360 
Rebellion Developments, Ps3/360/PC 
Ubisoft Shanghai, PC 
Swordfish Studios, Ps3/360 
TOSE Software Inc, Wii 
Infinite Interactive, Ps3/360/PC/DS 
February 26th
Vicious Cycel Software, Ps3/360 
Ensemble Studios, 360 
February 27th
Guerilla Games, Ps3 
March 3rd
The Creative Assembly, PC 
Sonic Team, Wii 
Visual Concepts, 360/Ps3/Ps2/PSP/Wii 
SCE San Diego Studios, Ps3/Ps2/PSP 
March 4th
Deadline Games, Ps3/360/PC 
March 6th
Ubisoft Romania, Ps3/360 
March 10th
Massive Entertainment, PC 
Best Way/Digitalmindsoft, PC 
Platinum Games, Wii 
March 12th
EA Los Angeles, PC 
March 13th
InnoGlow, PC 
Capcom, Ps3/360 
March 17th
GRIN, Ps3/360/PC 
Rockstar Leeds, DS/PSP 
Sony Bend, PSP 
Tri-Ace, DS 
March 22nd
Game Freak, DS 
March 24th
Yuke's, Ps3/360 
Square Enix, Wii/DS 
Midway Studios/Tigon Studios, Ps3/360/PC 
The Creative Assembly, Ps3/360/PC 
March 27th
Team 17, Ps3/360/PC 
March 29th
Neversoft/Budcast Creations, Ps3/Ps2/360/Wii 
April 7th
EA Redwood Studios, Ps3/360/PC 
From Software, 360 
Starbreeze Studios/Tigon Studios, Ps3/360/PC 
April 9th
Relic Entertainment, PC 
April 14th
Gas Powered Games, PC 
April 20th
Monster Games, Wii 
April 21st
ACE Team, PC 
April 28th
Replay Studios, 360/PC 
April 29th
Black Wing Foundation/Dreamlore/N-Game, PC 
May 1st
Raven Software/Amaze Entertainment/Griptonite Games, Ps3/Ps2/360/Wii/DS/PsP/PC 
May 12th
Eidos Hungary, 360/PC 
May 14th
Tripwire Interactive, PC 
May 18th
Next Level Games, Wii 
May 19th
GRIN, Ps3/360 
GRIN, Ps3/360/Wii/PC 
Yuke's Osaka, Ps3/360 
EA Los Angeles, Wii 
May 26th
Sucker Punch Productions, Ps3 
Blue Omega Entertainment, Ps3/360/PC 
June 2nd
EA Black Box/Visceral Games, PC 
Volition Inc., Ps3/360 
Asobo Studios, Ps3/360 
June 8th
EA Tiburon/EA Mobile/HB Studios, Ps2/Ps3/360/PsP/Wii 
Artifical Mind & Movement, Wii/DS 
June 9th
Sumo Digital, Ps3/360 
Radical Entertainment, Ps3/360/PC 
Stuido Archcraft, DS 
Harmonix/Backbone Entertainment, PsP 
A2M/Amaze, Wii/DS/PsP/Ps2 
June 16th
Terminal Reality/Threewave Software/Red Fly Studios/Zen Studios, Ps2/Ps3/360/PC/Wii/DS 
Beenox Studios, Ps2/Ps3/360/Wii 
June 23rd
Related Designs/Blue Byte Softwares, PC 
Luxoflux/Beenox Studios/Krome Studios/Vicarious Visions, Ps3/Ps2/PsP/360/Wii/DS/PC 
High Voltage Software, Wii 
Triumph Studios, Ps3/360/PC 
Climax Studios, Wii 
Climax Studios, DS 
Maxis, PC 
June 25th
EA Canada, Ps3/360 
EA Digital Illusions CE, PC 
June 26th
Cyanide, Ps3/360/PC 
June 30th
EA Bright Light Studios, Ps3/Ps2/PsP/Wii/DS/360/PC 
Techland, Ps3/360/PC 
Arc System Works, Ps3/360 
July 3rd
Frozenbyte, PC 
July 7th
Bohemia Interactive Studios, PC 
Blue Castle Games, Ps3/Ps2/PsP/Wii/360 
July 8th
EA Digital Illusions CS, Ps3/360 
July 14th
EA Tiburon/EA Canada, Ps3/Ps2/PsP/360 
July 20th
Square Enix, Wii 
July 21st
Cing/Town Factory, Wii 
July 26th
Nintendo EAD, Wii 
July 28th
SNK Playmore, Ps3/360 
July 30th
Titan Studios, Ps3 
July 31st
Nitro Games, PC 
August 4th
Double Helix Games/Backbone Entertainment, Ps3/Ps2/PsP/360/Wii/DS 
August 7th
Paradox Interactive, PC 
Transmission games/Gusto games, Ps3/360/Wii/PC 
August 10th
Gameco Studios, PC 
August 11th
NoWay Studio, DS 
August 14th
EA Tiburon, Ps3/PsP/360 
August 18th
Raven Software/id Software/Pi Studios/Endrant Studios, Ps3/360/PC 
August 21st
Atomic Motion, 360/PC 
August 24th
Retro Studios, Wii 
August 25th
Sproing Interactive Media/Deep Silver Vienna/Rabcat/Immersive Games/Perspective Studios, Wii 
Square Enix, PsP 
Rocksteady Studios, Ps3/360 
September 1st
Cryptic Studios, PC 
Neversoft/Vicarious Visions/Budcat Creations, Ps3/Ps2/360/Wii 
Namco (Project Soul), PsP 
September 4th
Timegate Studios, 360/PC 
September 8th
Gaijin Entertainment/DiP Interactive/SME Dynamic Systems Ltd., 360/Ps3/PsP/DS 
Vanillaware, Wii 
8monkey Labs, 360/PC 
Codemasters, Ps3/PsP/360/Wii/DS 
IO Interactive, Ps3/360/PC/Wii/DS 
September 9th
Harmonix/Pi Studios, Ps3/Ps2/360/Wii 
September 14th
AlphaDream, DS 
September 15th
Slightly Mad Studios, Ps3/PsP/360/PC 
EA Canada, Ps3/360 
Visual Concepts, Ps3/Ps2/360/Wii 
Vicarious Visions/Savage Entertainment/n-Space, Ps3/Ps2/360/Wii/DS 
5th Cell, DS 
Artificial Mind and Movement, Ps3/360 
September 22nd
Icarus Studios, PC 
Bungie, 360 
Game Arts, Ps2/Wii 
Aion Team Development Dept., PC 
Bionic Games, Wii, PC 
September 25th
Level-5, DS 
September 29th
Visceral Games/Eurocom, Wii 
Square Enix/h.a.n.d, DS 
Bigbig Studios/Virtous, PsP/Ps2 
October 2nd
Piranha Bytes, PC 
October 6th
EA Canada/HB Studios, Ps3/PsP/360 
Visual Concepts, Ps3/Ps2/360/Wii 
Codemasters, Ps3/360/PC 
Krome Studios/LucasArts Singapore/Halfbrick, Ps3/Ps2/PsP/360/PC/Wii/DS 
Zombie Studios, Ps3/360 
October 7th
From Software, Ps3 
October 9th
Monte Cristo, PC 
October 13th
Double Fine Productions, Ps3/360 
Sega Japan, Wii/DS 
Naughty Dog, Ps3 
Softmax, 360 
October 20th
Haemimont Games, PC 
EA Canada/HB Studios, Ps3/360/PC 
Gearbox Software, Ps3/360/PC 
Yuke's/TOSE, Ps3/Ps2/PsP/360/Wii/DS 
October 27th
Turn 10 Studios, 360 
Playlogic Game Factory, Ps3/360 
Homegrown Games, PC 
Insomniac Games, Ps3 
FreeStyleGames, Ps3/Ps2/360/Wii 
Namco Bandi, Ps3/PsP/360 
Runic Games, PC 
October 29th
Rockstar North, 360 
November 1st
Ubisoft Montpellier, Wii/DS 
November 3rd
VD-Dev, DS 
Harmonix/Traveller's Tales/Backbone Entertainment, Ps3/360/Wii/DS 
Neversoft/Vicarious Visions/Budcat Creations, Ps3/Ps2/360/Wii/DS 
BioWare Edmonton/Edge of Reality, Ps3/360/PC 
November 4th
High Impact Games, Ps2/PsP 
November 10th
Spike, Ps3/360 
Infinity Ward, Ps3/360/PC 
November 12th
Sonic Team, DS 
November 15th
Nintendo EAD, Wii 
November 17th
Ubisoft Montreal, Ps3/360 
Valve, 360/PC 
Capcom/cavia, Wii 
Robomodo/Buzz Monkey, Ps3/360/Wii 
Traveller's Tales, Ps3/PsP/360/PC/Wii/DS 
December 1st
Ubisoft Montreal, Ps3/PsP/360/PC/Wii/DS 
Rebellion Developments, Ps3/360/PC 
December 7th
Nintendo EAD, DS 
December 8th
Pandemic Studios, Ps3/360/PC 
December 22nd
Neversoft/Underground Development/Budcat Creations, Ps3/Ps2/360/Wii 
December 26th
Square Enix PDD2, Wii 

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