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QUIZ: Can you name the famous movie villain from what they did?

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What I Did?Who Am I?
I've given scars, killed mudbloods, and if you think I'm wrong 'Avada Kedavra!'
I've had so much of Amity Island that I could just explode
I tried to up my curb appeal by sinking California, the plan would've been 'super'
All I wanted were my sister's shoes back until one 'pretty and her little dog too' stole them maybe I'm not as 'wicked' as you think
I've commanded a fleet, became an amputee, and I was reunited with my son (R.I.P. Alderaan)
I may have thrown the worst Christmas party the Nakatomi Plaza building has ever seen
I've polluted, deforested, and killed a certain fawn's mother
I stayed at the Overlook to break my writer's block because 'all work and no play...'
I was a program in the system, but Mr. Anderson made me into a virus
What I Did?Who Am I?
You could say I'm the real villain of Oz, making Dorothy kill my rival
I've killed, bombed, and taunted a certain bat. But let me tell you 'how I got these scars'
I betrayed my brother for the throne, tried to kill my nephew, and I swear I'm not King Claudius
I raped, spoke Nadsat, and sang the deadliest version of 'Singing In The Rain' ever
I operated a spacecraft, but if you want me to say my name 'I'm afraid I can't do that'
I bullied a father and his son, it's their fault I just wanted to take Lorraine to the Enchantment Under the Sea dance
I convinced the world I didn't exist, but my limp and I weren't all we seemed
I'm the man of your dreams, in fact around Elm Street they say I'm to die for
I doped my patients up and made McMurphy go a little 'cuckoo'
What I Did?Who Am I?
I've skinned commandos, escaped booby traps, and blew myself up so Dutch couldn't 'get to the choppa!'
I just did what I thought mommy wanted because you know, 'she wouldn't even hurt a fly'
I tried to put the deadly in the seven deadly sins and packed a certain box
I refused to have my census taken and enjoyed myself with 'some fava beans and a nice chianti'
I helped my multi-colored (not racially) associates rob a bank, chopped off someone's ear, and love 'bubblegum pop'
I made fur coats out of everything, except for those spotted puppies
I fought my way through time for a certain boy and don't worry 'I'll be back'

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