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Definition/Oldspeak TermNewspeak Term
The name of the government of Oceania
The leader of Oceania
The department of the government dealing with war
The department of the government dealing with recordkeeping, history, and propaganda
The department of the government dealing with rationing and the economy
The department of the government dealing with law and order
Any thoughts against the values of the Party
English Socialism
The only good way to have a child according to the Party
The common folk, approximately 85% of Oceania's population, Winston's hopes are in them
The above's term for rocket bombs
The people in charge of eliminating dissident thought
Definition/Oldspeak TermNewspeak Term
To get approval from a superior
To be 'erased from existence' if one does something 'out of line'
Two way television device, the government monitors the room it's in (visually and audially) while streaming propaganda and 'news'
The voice recognition machine; Winston uses one to write at his job
Individualism/Eccentricity; considered criminal
Standard English
Holding on to older ideas not in line with the Party
When the government prints something 'wrong'
When your face makes an expression considered not acceptable in regards to government matters
To speak without thinking
The simultaneous belief in two contradictory ideas; reality control
To accept an idea blindly
The new name for England (part of Oceania)

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